Nuclear Medicine

Nuclear medicine addresses the body’s physiological processes rather than the anatomical structure. In nuclear imaging, short-lived radioactive drugs that emit gamma rays (radiopharmaceuticals) are injected into a patient’s bloodstream and are attracted to the particular organ being analyzed. A nuclear camera then takes a time-exposure image of the pharmaceutical as it enters the bloodstream and concentrates in the tissues or organs. A nuclear physician then is able to trace the blood flow activity and analyze information about the biological activity of the organ and its related vascular system.

Nuclear Medicine has a wide variety of uses, including cancer diagnostics, heart disease, circulatory systems, kidney malfunctions, and other abnormalities in veins, tissues and organs. Central Imaging of Arlington uses nuclear imaging equipment model GE StarCam XCT with work station.

Central Imaging of Arlington also does Cardiac Stress Testing and Nuclear Cardiac Imaging

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